Look first, then start”

At you get useful tips for your MTB tours and insight into MTB trails (YouTube).

There are trailground tests (with YouTube videos), recommendations for trips, what is a sensible packing list for a multi-day tour and of course the big goal for which I will prepare myself in the next few years. So follow me on YouTube & Instagram.
Stay curious! Just Ride It!

But what does that actually mean? Don’t we all know that feeling when you get on a bike and pedal? This feeling of freedom and happiness that you are experiencing in this moment. And it doesn’t matter how old you are, which bike you ride (downhill, enduro, dirt, city bike, Dutch bike, hipster bike) or what your physical condition is. We all have the same feeling and that is what we have in common. Movement in nature is our motivation. Sport is our gene and the passion that gets us through life. So just ride it! – Kai.