Kai – 53 years old – MTB fanatic
Sport has always been a focus of my life – regardless of the sport:

But I discovered my absolute passion in Bavaria in August 2017 – mountain biking. Whether downhill, freeride or just a tour – I love it!

Another great hobby is producing/shooting films about mountain biking.

My bikes:
eBike Enduro – Canyon SpectralOn
BioBike Enduro – Scott Genius 740 – 27.5

Passion for mountain biking time out – discover Europe’s most beautiful MTB hotspots in a mobile home

Are you an avid mountain biker and planning your sabbatical? Then we have exactly the right thing for you! How about a mountain bike break in a motorhome through Europe to explore the most beautiful MTB hotspots on the continent?
Discover the most challenging trails and the most beautiful landscapes in Europe by combining your life in the saddle with life on the road. With the motorhome you have the freedom and flexibility to travel from one spot to the next.
Where are the best MTB hotspots in Europe? Here are some of our recommendations:

-> Finale Ligure, Italy
-> Les Gets, France
-> Medulin, Croatia
-> La Palma, Spain
-> Malmedy, Belgium

Finale Ligure in Italy is known for its breathtaking coastal landscapes and the longest trails in Europe. Les Gets in France is a downhill biker’s paradise, with steep descents and challenging obstacles. Medulin in Croatia offers you a unique combination of culture and challenging trails in the breathtaking landscape of Istria. La Palma in Spain is an absolute insider tip for those who love solitude on mountain bike tours, while Malmedy in Belgium is the absolute mecca for enduro fans.

What are you waiting for? Pack your mountain bike and start your passion mountain bike break in a motorhome through Europe!